New corona cases in Fukuyama and Yamaguchi & contact tracing update

April 5, 2020

New corona cases in Fukuyama and Yamaguchi, but contact tracing and testing provides some relief.

New cases in Fukuyama and Yamaguchi Prefecture

Another case of corona virus was announced in Fukuyama city on the evening of April 4. The man in his 50s is thought to have been infected on a business trip to Osaka March 27. This brings the total number of corona virus cases in Hiroshima Prefecture to 15.

Neighboring Yamaguchi’s 8th case was announced last and the man in questions if also thought likely to have contracted the virus on a business trip to Osaka March 25.

Fucho-cho patient’s family and contacts test negative

In better news, 3 family members of a Kyoto Sangyo University graduate who tested positive for corona virus on April 3 in Fuchu-cho have all tested negative. Another man in his 20s who he had a meal with on March 31 is currently being tested. also tested negative.

The nature of the patient’s other interactions (at a medical facility, pharmacy and shops) have been judged to not warrant follow up testing.

Source: Hiroshima Prefecture document (Japanese PDF)

Hiroshima restaurant worker co-workers cleared

9 people who came into contact with Hiroshima City’s Case #8, a woman in her 20s who worked at a dining establishment have tested negative for corona virus. 7 of the people tested worked at the same dining establishment. Details of the 2 others haven’t been released.

Source: Hiroshima City document (Japanese PDF)

Corona virus in the Chugoku Region

Corona virus cases in Chugoku region announced as of 11pm, April 4 via Chugoku Shinbun.

Hiroshima Pref 15
Yamaguchi Pref 8
Okayama Pref 10
Tottori Pref 0
Shimane Pref 0

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