2 new graduates positive for corona virus in Fukuyama and Fuchu-cho

April 3, 2020

2 new graduates from universities in Kyoto have tested positive for corona virus in Fukuyama and Fuchu-cho. This brings the total number of cases in Fukuyama to 2 and the total number of cases across Hiroshima Prefecture to 13.

Fukuyama’s 2nd case of corona virus

A second case of corona virus has been confirmed in Fukuyama City. The male graduate of Kyoto Sangyo University (in his 20s), students from which which have been the center of a cluster of over 30 positive cases after a group of graduating students returned from a trip to Europe.

Details and contacts

  • March 22
    Attended a university club’s social gathering at Kyoto Sankyo University.
  • March 23
    Loss of taste and smell.
  • March 27
    Traveled home to Fukuyama City by Shinkansen.
  • March 29
    Fukuyama City was informed by Kyoto City that the student had had contact with a person who had tested positive.
  • April 2
    Tested but the results were unclear.
  • April 3
    Retested and found positive for corona virus.

Current status

Impaired senses of taste and smell but stable. Authorities say that the man stayed at home once he began to feel unwell. His father who he lives with tested negative.

Fukuyama mayor, Edahiro Nao, asked for calm as the source of the infection was clear and that there is little chance that this man infected anyone else.


First case of corona virus in Fuchu-cho

Another man in his 20s has tested positive in Fuchi-cho in Aki-gun. According to Hiroshima Prefecture, the man visited a university in Kyoto on March 28 and returned to Fuchu to take up a new job. He is not a graduate of Kyoto Sangyo University.

Details and contacts

  • March 30
    Temperature 38.5ºC
  • April 2
    Sore throat and headache.
    Loss of taste and smell.
  • April 3
    Tested positive for corona virus and will be moved to a designated medical facility.
  • April 5
  • 3 family members of a have all tested negative. Another man in his 20s who he had a meal with on March 31 also tested negative.

    According to authorities this graduate wore a mask while in transit and has not yet been to his new workplace.


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