4 new corona virus cases in Hiroshima City, 1st case in Fukuyama

April 3, 2020

4 new cases of corona virus in Hiroshima city and the first case in Fukuyama were announced April 2. This brings the total number of known cases to 8 in Hiroshima City and 11 across the prefecture.

4 new cases of corona virus in Hiroshima City

Hiroshima city cases #5, #6 and #7 are being treated in the hospital designated to deal with corona virus patients in Hiroshima (GetHiroshima believe this is Funairi Hospital). According to the city government, these 3 patients have not agreed to allow details to be published, but their recent movements and contacts are being investigated and further testing will be conducted where deemed appropriate.

Some details about Case #8 have been released however. The woman in her 20s, who works in a dining establishment, had contact with asymptomatic case #3, who, in turn, had had contact with case #2. The new case is also asymptomatic. Her movements and contacts are being investigated.

Case #8 Details

  • March 25
    Case #8 had contact with Case #3 (asymptomatic)
  • April 1
    Tested at health center.
    Test results positive for corona virus.
    Hospitalized at hospital designated to deal with corona virus cases.
    Asympotatic (temperature of 37ºC).

1st Case of Corona Virus in Fukuyama City

The first person to test positive for corona virus in Fukuyama City is a non-Japanese man in his 30s. The man requested that his nationality and reason for travel not be made public. The mayor commented that the man does not speak Japanese so the process of getting detailed information is taking a little longer than usual.

Fever, loss of appetite, headache, diarrhea

Details of movement

  • March 26
    Arrived from overseas at Narita Airport
    Stayed in the Narita area
  • March 27Traveled via Hiroshima Airport to Fukuyama City (temperature 37.xxºC)
  • April 1
    Temperature 39.8ºC
    Tested positive for corona virus
  • April 2
    Temperature 37.5ºC in designated medical facility

It was announced in the Fukuyama press conference that the an had a traveling companion of the same nationality. The person had a temperature of 37.5ºC yesterday and would be tested today (April 3).

The two people were driven from the airport to Fukuyama by an interpreter who has tested negative for corona virus, but who’s health will be monitored. Authorities are still confirming whether the driver and interpreter are the same person.

Hiroshima Airport worker tests positive in Kobe

A man in his 50s who works at Hiroshima Airport and is resident in Hiroshima Prefecture has tested positive for corona virus in Kobe. We are unsure how this will be counted in Hiroshima’s figures, but the current numbers don’t include this case.


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