Knife Attack at Hiroshima A-bomb Dome

An 81-year-old man visiting Hiroshima from outside the prefecture was attacked by a man with a knife in front of Hiroshima’s A-bomb Dome monument around 11:20 am this morning, March 25th.

The attacker, a 42-year-old man from Nishi-ku resident, attempted to stab the visitor in the back and stomach multiple times with a 17-cm long kitchen knife. Fortunately, although the knife made contact with the man’s clothes, he was not injured. A relative of the victim grabbed the knife, and police officers rushed to the scene and subdued the assailant. The attacker is reported to have not known his victim and police believe that there had been no trouble between the two men before the attack.

The attacker was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Chugoku Shinbun quotes a 23-year-old university student visiting from Kanagawa Prefecture as saying, “When I thought I heard the siren of a police car, I saw a police officer subduing a man. It’s unfortunate that something like this happened in front of the Atomic Bomb Dome, a symbol of peace.”

This is the second knife attack in Hiroshima in less than a week.

Source: RCC News