Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental & Selfie Studio

Are you looking for a fun place to try kimono and get some awesome souvenir pics to commemorate a Hiroshima trip, a special occasion, or capture a moment with friends?

Look no further than Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental and Selfie Studio located a stone’s throw from Shukkeien Garden and a short distance from Hiroshima Castle.

Bringing kimono back

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental Great Selection

Owner Sato-san’s modern 3F-studio is like an Aladdin’s cave of traditional Japanese fashion. The walls are lined with racks of stunning kimonos in a range of colors and designs. Many of them are vintage garments, donated by their former owners in the hope that the gorgeous fabrics will be worn and appreciated, rather than hidden away in storage.

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental Expert Fitting

Inspiration for the studio came from a combination of sadness at how kimono are worn less and less in modern Japan and a desire to introduce them to the many people who visit Hiroshima from around the world.

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental Shukkeien Garden

In fact, Sato-san secretly hopes that the sight of people from outside Japan appreciating and enjoying kimono will encourage locals to take another look at this beautiful part of their heritage. As vintage kimono tend to be on the small side, Sato-san has added a range of larger garments to accommodate a range of body types, and combining western-style elements such as footwear to enhance comfort is applauded rather than frowned upon.

Find your style

Whether you want to see how it feels to wear a formal kimono or go for a more casual style, opt for traditional Japanese patterns or more Western-influenced designs, with so many different styles of kimono, obi waistbands, and accessories to choose from, you are sure to find a combination that you love.

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental Traditional Accessories

You can even try out the retro-modern styles that evoke 1920s Japan, currently popular among the younger generation.

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental - Taisho Roman Style

To complete the look, (depending on how cooperative your hair is) you can have Momji Hiroshima’s on-call stylist to recreate a traditional Japanese hairstyle for just an extra ¥1,500.

Do It Your Selfie!

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental - Selfie Studio

As well as taking a stroll in Shukkeien Garden or around Hiroshima Castle, most of Momiji Hiroshima’s options include a 15-minute slot in their “Selfie Studio”. Here, after you have been dressed in your kimono, you can take photos to your heart’s content using their camera using a variety of fun backdrops and props. Once you are done, Momiji will send all the photo data, direct to your smartphone by Airdrop or Google Drive upload. The Selfie Studio also makes a visit to Momiji Hiroshima a fun activity even if the weather prevents an outdoor excursion.

Fun for all the family

As well as pretty ladies’ kimono and yukata, Momiji Hiroshima also has a selection of men’s kimono, traditional children’s dress, and even outfits for babies, making a session here a great family activity and an opportunity to get an awesome family portrait.

Beyond kimono

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental - Samurai Armor

For those who want to go even further back in history, opt for a samurai armor or ninja costume fitting. You can’t go walkabout in these, but you can get some really cool shots in the selfie studio.

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental Packages

Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental - Hiroshima Castle




Packages and Prices

Women’s Kimono ¥8,000
・Kimono・Accessories・Half-width obi waistband・Fitting・Hair accessories・15-minute selfie studio session・Photo data
Women’s Premium Kimono(with formal obi waistband)¥11,800
・Kimono choice includes silk designer kimono・Accessories・Formal Nagoya Obi or Fukuro Obi・Expert fitting・Hair accessories・15-minute selfie studio session・Photo data
Men’s Kimono ¥7,700
・Kimono・Accessories・Obi・Expert fitting・15-minute selfie studio session・Photo data
Yukata light summer kimono ¥6,600 (¥7,700 6/1 – 9/16)
Men and women
Kids ¥5,500
・100 cm to 150 cm in height
Baby Kimono ¥5,500
・70 cm to 95 cm in height
Samurai Armor ¥5,000
*Limited to the selfie studio.
Ninja Costume ¥3,900
*Limited to the selfie studio. *スタジオ限定
Couple’s Package ¥16,000
Ladies Pair Package ¥17,000




Momiji Hiroshima Kimono Rental & Selfie Studio

Address: 3F Shukkeien Building, 2-33 Kaminoborichō, Naka Ward, Hiroshima, 730-0014
Tel: 090-9736-0584
  • 30 seconds walk from Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of Art (Shukkeien-mae) stop on the Meipuruupu Tourist Bus.
  • 1 minute walk from Shukkeien-mae tram stop (Hakushima Line)
Social Media: Instagram