Hiroshima rainy season on hold, for now

Weather monitoring services predict Hiroshima will be spared from the start of the 2024 rainy season for another week or so.

The seasonal rain front which arrived in Okinawa 11 days later than on average has already arrived in Kyushu and Shikoku, but the as high pressure system is not gaining strength it has yet to move north towards us here in Hiroshima. This year, it looks like we will have an extra week to enjoy before the clamminess and downpours take hold.

Hiroshima Rainy Season Survival Guide

Reasonably clear weather is forecast to continue until June 15 with the rain front finally arriving in Hiroshima on July 16, 10 days later than on average. Despite its late arrival, the rainy season is not expected to run long with clear skies and brain-melting temperatures forecast to arrive around July 19 as usual.