“Dream Fireworks” to light up Hiroshima skies September 9

Fireworks will be launched simultaneously from eight locations around Hiroshima City on September 9.

Dubbed “Hiroshima Dream Fireworks,” this is third year in a row that the display has been held in lieu of the Hiroshima Minato Yume Fireworks Festival that used to be held in Ujina every July. In previous years, to avoid crowds gathering during the pandemic, the launch areas were kept secret. In response to requests from residents, however, this year locations have been announced in advance (kind of).

The show will begin around 8:00 pm, with approximately 300 blasts over about 15 minutes planned for each of the eight locations.

Hiroshima Dream Fireworks Locations

  • Yoshijima (吉島), Naka-ku
  • Tojo (東浄), Higashi-ku
  • Ujina (宇品), Minami-ku
  • Oshiba (大芝), Nishi-ku
  • Otsuka (大塚), Asaminami-ku
  • Magame (真亀), Asakita-ku
  • Yano-minami (矢野南), Aki-ku
  • Yawata (八幡), Saeki-ku

Similar to during the pandemic, more specific details are being withheld to avoid large crowds gathering. There will also be no designated viewing areas set aside.

If you are not confident that you will be able to enjoy the show from home, a livestream broadcast is planned from 7:20pm.

URL: https://www.minato-yumehanabi.com/