Onomichi Donkey Paradise

Hiroshima is a great destination for animal lovers! Okunoshima island has rabbits, Miyajima has its deer, and now, in addition to its alley cats, Onomichi has an adorable donkey (and goat) farm to visit.

It all started after retired cram school teachers Taiji and Junko settled into their farmhouse on a hill overlooking the Seto Inland Sea with their pet donkey in 2021 and realized that other people might enjoy it too.

Onomichi Donkey Paradise

Their simple lifestyle and location reminded Taiji of a favorite book he read in university, Platero & I, a prose poem by Juan Ramón Jiménez about a Spanish family who enjoy the simple life with their donkey. The resident animals at Onomichi Donkey Paradise have been given names from the famous story and the couple hope that people will come to learn about the animals, the benefits of a simple lifestyle, and the wonders of spending time outdoors.

Donkey Paradise - View

A recent addition to the Donkey Paradise family is Francois, originally from Belgium, who helps out on the farm taking care of the donkeys and goats, updating their social media channels and as well as giving tours in English.

Francois gave me a lovely tour and introduced me to all the donkeys and goats and shared many wonderful insights about their individual characteristics and stories. The donkeys and goats are all taken care of with such kindness and attention.

Donkey Paradise - Francois

They have also had great success in breeding donkeys here and alpha-female mama Platera has given birth to five foals and had a sixth on the way when I visited. They pass the donkeys on to loving cafe owners and petting farms around Japan where they are in high-demand.

Donkey Paradise - Field

Feed the Donkeys at Onomichi Donkey Paradise

Open most days from 11am to 3pm, you can walk the donkeys and feed them with healthy, organic veggies grown on the farm for just ¥1,500 per person (¥1,000 for 3-12 years old).

Donkey Paradise used to run a cafe pre-Covid and even when the cafe is closed, the covered terrace is a nice place to relax during your visit. Locally-made donkey shaped cookies in reusable tins designed by local artists are available for sale. You can also buy cute T-shirts which feature resident donkeys as well as photo souvenirs shot by the owners’ talented daughter, Mariko.

The sleepy rural village of Urasaki, where Donkey Paradise, is located is about 90-minutes drive from Hiroshima city, but only 20 minutes from Onomichi, Tomonoura and Fukuyama. There is only space for two cars to park at the farm, but there is ample parking along the main road.

Spend the night at Donkey Paradise

Donkey Paradise - Cottage

If you are looking for a quiet getaway with a chance to hang out with donkeys, you will enjoy staying at the adjacent, private Camomille House. It is a simple, but very comfortable cottage and only costs ¥12,000 per night for up to 3 people. You can reserve a home cooked meal for ¥2,000 per person, or bring your own food to barbeque (barbecue fee ¥1,000 per group.

It is recommended to book your experience or guest house stay in advance on the website as they sometimes have irregular holidays or are booked up on certain days. Book in English or French here.

Take a quick tour of Donkey Paradise

Onomichi Donkey Paradise

Name in Japanese: 尾道ロバ牧場 [Onomichi Roba Bokujo]
Address: 899-3 Urasaki-cho, Onomichi, Hiroshima 〒720-0551
Address in Japanese: 〒720-0551 広島県尾道市浦崎町899-3
Email: [email protected]
English URL: https://donkeyparadise.weebly.com/
Japanese URL: https://donkeyparadise.jp/
Donkey Paradise SNS: https://instabio.cc/onomichidonkeyparadise


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