Hiroshima taxi driver robbed at scissorpoint

At around 2:20 pm on June 23, a 70-year-old Hiroshima taxi driver was robbed by man who threatened him with a pair of scissors.

The passenger, a 175cm-tall man of slim build in his 40s who was wearing glasses, got in the taxi in the Otemachi district in Hiroshima city center, and asked the driver to take him to a location Futaba-no-sato in Higashi-ku, about 400m north of Hiroshima Station.

Getting in the taxi

After arriving at the destination the passenger threatened the driver with a pair of scissors, saying that he would stab him if you didn’t hand over the cash.

Taking the money

The man got away with about 12,000 yen in cash, as well as not paying his 1,630 yen taxi fare.

The whole incident was captured on the taxi dash-cam and the man’s facial features can be clearly seen in the footage.

After hurrying away from the scene, CCTV captured the man walking through Eki-kitaare passage way that runs alongside Daiwa Roynet Hotel Hiroshima-ekimae.

assailant leaving the scene

He is then seen going into a Lawson convenience store where he removes his white shirt and reemerges in a dark colored T-shirt and appears to head in the direction of Hiroshima Station. Local police later found a white shirt with a pair of scissors in the Lawson bathroom.

We are happy to hear that the taxi driver is unharmed, but it sure must have been a shock and we hope that he doesn’t suffer any lasting psychological effects.

UPDATE (26/6/2024)
According to police, a 40-year-old unemployed man turned himself in at a police station in Hijiyama (Minami-ku). He is reported to have calmly admitted to having carried out the robbery.