Graffitists hit Astram Line cars

Graffitists tagged Astram Line cars while they sat helpless in a yard in Asaminami-ku in the early hours of March 23.

The Mainichi Shinbun reports that graffity which included “images that appear to be letters of the alphabet” were spray-painted on the outside of the three Astram Line cars of up to 1 meter in height and 4 meters in length. It appears that the spiked fence erected after the last incident at the yard, 8 years ago had little effect in deterring the graffitists.

The graffiti was discovered by staff at about 5am on the morning of March 23 when they arrived to prepare the cars for service. It is reported that a security guard noticed nothing out of the ordinary when patrolling the area around 4 hours earlier. The company that runs the line has filed a complaint with the police.