4 new corona virus cases in Chugoku region, Tokasan canceled, Hiroshima governor makes special announcement

April 14, 2020

Coronavirus cases in Hiroshima Prefecture now at 65 with new cases in Miyoshi, Onomichi and Fukuyama, plus new cases in Matsue and Yamaguchi.

In a special announcement, the governor of Hiroshima Prefecture strongly urged people to refrain from any unessential outings everyday of the week (not only weekends) and other social distancing measures in the face of an increase in coronavirus cases over the weekend. The governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture, meanwhile, asked his citizens to refrain from traveling outside of the prefecture.

It was announced yesterday that the annual Tōkasan yukata festival, scheduled for June 5-7 will be canceled. Our favorite festival, we have to admit that this one hurts 🙁

New coronavirus cases

Miyoshi Day Care Cluster

A man in his 50s who is a relative of a user of the day care center at the center of a coronavirus cluster in Miyoshi in the north of Hiroshima Prefecture has tested positive for coronavirus.
Source: Chugoku Shinbun

Onomichi and Fukuyama

A Fukuyama man in his 40s has tested positive for coronavirus. He is the 14th confirmed case in Fukuyama City.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun

A man in his 50s has tested positive for coronavirus in Onomichi. He is a work colleague of 3 Fukuyama men who have tested positive.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


The wife of a 30 year old man who tested positive on April 12 in Yamaguchi City has tested positive for coronavirus. She is also in her 30s and is Yamaguchi City’s 5th case and the 24th in Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun

Matsue bar cluster

Two more cases were confirmed connected to the bar in Matsue in Shime Prefecture which is the center of a coronavirus cluster. One of the cases is a woman in her 20s who lives with a regular customer of the bar at the center of a coronavirus cluster in Matsue, Shimane has tested positive for coronavirus. There are now 8 confirmed cases in this cluster.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku Region as of 11pm April 13

New cases confirmed since 2:30pm, April 13

・Miyoshi (+1)
・Onomichi (+1)
・Fukuyama (+1)
・Yamaguchi (+1)

Total Cases

Hiroshima Prefecture (65)

Hiroshima (15)
Fukuyama (14)
Miyoshi (30)
Etajima (1)
Fuchu-cho (1)
Higashi-hiroshima (1)
Onomichi (3)

Yamaguchi Prefecture (24)

Iwakuni (3)
Shunan (4)
Kudamatsu (4)
Hikari (2)
Yamaguchi (5)
Shimonoseki (6)


Shimane Prefecture (8)

Matsue (8)

Tottori Prefecture (1)

Tottori (1)

Okayama Prefecture (15)

Okayama (9)
Tamano (1)
Akaiwa (1)
Hayashima (3)
Satoshō (1)
Image: Chugoku Shinbun

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