Hiroshima City COVID-19 Vaccination Plan First Look

Chugoku Shimbun reports that the Hiroshima City government has put a team of 9 people together to prepare for the rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations. They are currently focused on securing locations for vaccination centers, medical staff and preparing vaccination coupons ready to be sent out. The city will be responsible for vaccinations after those of frontline medical staff have been completed. They expect vaccinations of the city’s 300,000 over-65s, who are particularly at risk, to start late March/early April at the earliest. Only then will the vaccination of the 720,000 “average” people over 16 will begin. It Is still, however, unknown how much and when local authorities will receive the vaccines.

It is planned to send vaccination coupons out by mail to people eligible for vaccination who will then have to make a reservation at a vaccination location. There will be at least one vaccination location in each of the 8 wards of Hiroshima City.

Source: Chugoku Shimbun

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