Hiroshima Prefecture over 65s COVID-19 vaccination schedule

Here is a summary of dates for the start of COVID-19 vaccination reservations and start of actual vaccinations for people 65 and over across Hiroshima Prefecture as published on April 10, 2021. [Source]

Area Group Individual
Reservations Vaccinations Reservations Vaccinations
Hiroshima City May May TBC TBC
Kure April 20 May 1 TBC TBC
Takehara April 5 April 19
Mihara April 5 April 17 TBC TBC
Onomichi Late April Mid May Late April Mid May
Fukuyama May 10 May 22 TBC Early June
Fuchu City Early May Mid May TBC TBC
Miyoshi March 29 Late April
Shobara March 26 April 22 TBC After July
Otake April 19 May 10 TBC TBC
Higashi-hiroshima May 1 May 22 April 26 May 17
Hatsukaichi May 6 May 21 TBC TBC
Akitakata Late April May 23 TBC TBC
Etajima April 7 April 19
Fuchu Town May 3 May 10 TBC Late May
Kaita April 12 April 28 TBC TBC
Kumano April 26 May 13 April 26 May 10
Saka March 29 April 25 TBC TBC
Akiota April 22 Mid May
Kita-hiroshima Late April at earliest Early May at earliest
Osaki-kamijima March 5 Mid May March 5 TBC
Sera Late April Mid April
Jinseki-kōen April 5 April 22

As published by Chugoku Shinbun April 10, 2021. Does not include visits to vaccinate residents at elderly care facilities.

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