Hiroshima Memorial Sparrows To Be Left In Peace

May 22, 2021

Local authorities have taken a heartwarming stance on a family of sparrows that have recently taken up residence in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

At a time when good local news seems hard to come by, it’s nice to share a story that warms the heart and brings a smile to the face.

In a perhaps surprising move, local authorities have decided to leave a pair of sparrows looking to start a family that took up residence in the peace bell inside the Children’s Monument in Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.

A sign affixed to the monument from May 12 asks visitors to refrain from ringing the bell while the birds are nesting and asks for forbearance and understanding of the public, “As we would like to warmly protect the birds”.

It has been judged that during the current resurgence of COVID-19 cases not being able to ring the bell will have little impact on visitor numbers and the birds are to be left undisturbed. The sign is also to discourage curious bird lovers taking a peek which may disturb the birds.

At time of reporting, the pair of sparrows were still in the process of constructing the nest, flitting in and out of the bell with twigs and leaves. The nest is to be removed only once the birds leave.

Locals seem to be all for the unusually unbureaucratic approach. Hear, hear!

Source: Chugoku Shinbun