Hiroshima COVID-19 state of emergency extension likely

[May 26, 2021]

Hiroshima governor Yuzaki Hidehiko gave a strong indication yesterday that he would be requesting the national government to extend the current state of emergency regarding the spread of COVID-19 beyond May 31.

Yuzaki told reporters that under current circumastances, ending the state of emergency which began on May 16, next week is difficult. He indicated that requesting an extension is unavoidable and that sending such a request to the national government on May 26 is being seriously considered.

The governor thanked local residents for the cooperation in reducing movement so far, pointing to figures that showed a more than a 60% decrease in foot traffic in Hiroshima City over the weekend. Similar figures on Monday May 24, however, showed only a 36.1% reduction. This is a slightly greater drop than the previous week, but below the 505 reduction that authorities are recommending. Yuzaki hinted that further restriction on movement may be announced along with an extension in the state of emergency.

Ibaragi Ryota, the governor of neighboring Okayama Prefecture, also indicated the he would welcome an extension of the state of emergency considering how difficult it is proving to control the spread of the virus.

Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Hiroshima Governor Press Conference (5/25)

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Paul Walsh

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