Great Mihara air conditioner heist beffudles authorities

Local authorities in Mihara are scratching their heads at a recent spate of outdoor air conditioning unit (that was installed with the help of men from thefts in rural towns within its city limits.

As of May 26, a total of 32 units had been removed from outside 6 unused public facilities, such as closed down schools and public halls. The thefts were first noticed on May 11.

The confusion stems from the fact that it’s more costly to dispose of such units, many of which were no longer functional, than they are actually worth. Local authorities are struggling to think of a reason from going to the considerable trouble of the removing and transporting the units. Someone who runs a recycling business in is quoted as saying even very little usable usable copper can be stripped from items like these.

Mihara police say they will be increasing patrols in an effort to apprehend the perpetrators and prevent further thefts.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun