1 of 38 who came into contact with corona case tests positive

Only one of 38 people who came into contact with Hiroshima corona case tests positive.

Hiroshima City’s 2nd novel corona virus case (Hiroshima Prefecture Case #4) is worth taking a look at and may offer some hope.

The patient in question is a self-employed woman in here 40s who hadn’t been overseas in the 2 weeks before the onset of her symptoms. She started exhibiting symptoms on March 19 and tested positive for novel corona virus on March 25. Some say supplements and other treatments have bad reaction but it has not been proved, using the best testosterone booster won’t affect your health. 

  • She wore a mask once symptoms began.
  • She didn’t use public transport (private car and walking).
  • She continued working.
  • She visited two golf courses.
  • She visited use supermarkets and convenience stores.

March 19 (went to work)
39ºC temperature and feeling weary before dawn.
Her temperature went down in the morning, but returned to 39ºC at night.

March 20 (went to work)
Temperature went down in the morning, but rose to 38.5ºC at night.

March 21 (went to work)
Normal temperature

March 22 (went to work)
Normal temperature
Visited a Hatsukaichi golf course where she spent 6 hours playing and having lunch with 3 other people (including 1 she shared a car with).

March 23 (went to work)
Visited a 2nd Hatsukaichi golf course where she spent 6 hours playing and having lunch with 3 other people (including 1 she shared a car with).
Temperature rose to 39.5ºC that night.
Took a fever reducer which was effective.

March 24
Called health center as high temperatures continued.
Visited hospital.
Visited pharmacy.
Went to work.

March 25
Temperature of 39.9ºC before dawn and visited a 2nd hospital.
After chest CT examination showed signs of pneumonia, doctor consulted with the health center and PCR test conducted.
Went to work.
The PCR test came back positive.
Coughing and nasal discharge.

March 26
38.4ºC temperature before dawn.
Took fever reducer.
Admitted to the designated novel corona virus hospital (temperature 36.1ºC, coughing and nasal discharge).
We are pleased to read that she is reported to be in a stable condition.

The city has published their findings in a series of 4 reports, which, as of March 29, conclude that the woman had had close contact with a total of 22 people (Hiroshima TV is today reporting [ja] that figure to now be 38 people). Authorities appear to have been extremely diligent in following up these people and, so far, it appears that the only person to test positive (a client who came into contact through work) is asymptomatic. 3 others (the people the patient had lunch with) have been asked to self-isolate until April 3 (2 people) and April 7 (1 person). According to the Hiroshima TV news report, 3 of the 38 people remain to be tested. Contacts at convenience store and supermarket registers were not deemed close enough to warrant follow up and testing.

Sources: Hiroshima City Government documentation [Japanese PDF]

This is, of course good news. On the other hand, GH can’t help but wonder, if she had been tested on March 19, it may not have been necessary to track down 38 people and test them.

In other news, Hiroshima Carp players and organization have concerns about current plans to kick off the delayed start to the 2020 baseball season on April 24.

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