11 new cases of Covid-19 announced in Chugoku region, July 27

July 28, 2020

Yesterday, July 27, 6 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were announced in Hiroshima Prefecture, 3 in Okayama Prefecture and 1 in both Yamaguchi and Shimane Prefectures.

Total number of Covid-19 cases in Chugoku Region as of 11pm July 27, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
262 cases (+6) 49 cases (+1) 63 cases (+3) 29 cases (+1) 6 cases
195 discharged 38 discharged 32 discharged 25 discharged 4 discharged
3 deaths        


Fukuyama restaurant cluster grows, new Covid-19 case in Hiroshima

Fukuyama Tessen

The number of cases of Covid-19 linked to Japanese restaurant Tessen in Fukuyama City has grown to 8, after the announcement of 2 new positive cases yesterday. The new cases are family members of a customer who tested positive on July 25.

Tessen Fukuyama Cluster

  • Owner
  • Friend of owner
  • 3 out of 9 employees
  • 1 customer (30 currently being tested)
  • 2 of the customer above’s family members

Another Fukuyama man in his 60s who is not thought to have any connection to the Tessen cluster ahas also tested positive. This brought the total number of cases so far in Fukuyama to 41 (excluding reinfections).

Hiroshima City announced 2 new cases, a man in his 50s and a woman in her 30s. The woman is a coworker of a male case announced on July 25. A woman in her 20s also tested positive in Mihara City. It is reported that she traveled outside of the prefecture while her workplace was closed and presented with symptoms on July 20.

Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Chugoku Shinbun


2 of 3 new cases in Okayama related to cluster

2 men (in their 20s and 30s) who frequented New Club Kirara wining and dining bar in Okayama are the lasted cases confirmed in the cluster which now stands at 8 people. Okayama City says that they have had 46 people contact them since the name of the establishment was announced and 40 have been tested so far.

The 3rd case is a woman who lives with a man in his 50s who was announced as being positive for Covid-19 on July 26.

Sources: Sanyo News

New cases in Shimane and Yamaguchi

A man in his 50s from Unnan in Shimane Prefecture has tested positive for Covid-19, it was announced yesterday. It is reported that he visited family in Fukuoka Prefecture July 21-23. This case follows two positive cases among Unnan City workers on July 21 and 24 and there are currently 4 positive cases in Shimane Prefecture.

The wife of a fire fighter in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, who tested positive for Covid-19 on July 26 has also tested positive for the virus. Her husband was doing disaster relief work in Kumamoto July 9-11.

Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Chugoku Shinbun


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