July 29 Covid-19 update

July 29, 2020

36 new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in Hiroshima Prefecture and a further 10 in other parts of the the Chugoku Region over the past 2 days .

New cases of Covid-19 in Hiroshima & Chugoku Region July 28-29

July 28
Hiroshima Pref +19
[Hiroshima City +13, Fukuyama +1]
Yamaguchi Pref +1
Okayama Pref +2
Tottori Pref +2

July 29
Hiroshima Pref +17
[Hiroshima City +13, Kure +1, Fukuyama +3]
Yamaguchi Pref +2
Okayama Pref +1
Tottori +2


Hiroshima City

13 new cases of Covid-19 were announced in Hiroshima City on July 28 and another 13 on July 29. 4 cases are associated with a wining and dining bar at the center of a cluster which currently stands at 20 cases. The name of the bar in question has now been made public – Ams in Kanayama-cho. Anyone who visited the bar between July 10 and 18 is asked to call 082-241-4566.

One woman in her 50s visited a live music venue on July 23. The event in question is reported to have been 6-7 hours in length and there are thought to have been 83 customers and staff involved. The name of the “livehouse” has not been released, but a customer list has been provided to city officials.

The first case of Covid-19 at Mazda was also announced July 29. Source

An employee at YumeTown shopping center in Yasu-furuichi in Asaminami-ku tested positive for Covid-19 on July 28 it was announced July 29. The shopping center has been closed from July 29. Source


Around Hiroshima Prefecture

3 new cases have been confirmed in Fukuyama, 2 in Kumano 2, 1 in Kaita 1, 1 in Fuchu 1 and one on the island of Osakikamijima.


Elsewhere in the region

3 new cases were announced in both Yamaguchi and Okayama Prefectures and 4 in Tottori Prefecture.


Total number of Covid-19 cases in Chugoku Region as of 11:40pm July 29, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
298 cases  52 cases 70 cases  29 cases  6 cases
227 discharged 38 discharged 42 discharged 25 discharged 10 discharged
3 deaths        


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