New COVID-19 variants in Hiroshima – the situation so far

24 cases of new COVID-19 variants have been confirmed in Hiroshima Prefecture so far. 22 of the cases are in Hiroshima City and two are in an undisclosed place in the west of the prefecture.

On March 9, Hiroshima City announced that 13 cases of new variants had been confirmed among COVID-19 cases until that time. 12 cases were confirm the remaining case. The cases can be split into 2 groups; a group of 9 who had not traveled overseas (Group 1) and a group of 4, 3 of whom had recently traveled overseas (Group 2). (Source)

On March 15, a further 4 cases of the UK variant were confirmed among people who had not recently traveled overseas. 3 of the 4 had had contact with members of Group 1. The fourth case (Group 3) had had no contact with either of the previous groups. (Source)

A further 5 cases of new variant COVID-19 were confirmed (4 UK variant and 1 unable to be confirmed) on March 25. None of these people had traveled overseas recently. 3 had had contact with members of Group 1 and 2 had had contact with members of group 2.

2 cases in the west of the prefecture were announced on March 25. Both cases are the UK variant and the patients. They had had close contact with each other and 1 of them had close contact with a Hiroshima City resident with the UK variant. (Source)

Elsewhere in the region, 7 cases of new variants have been confirmed in Okayama (February 18, March 5 and March 9) and the first case of new variant COVID-19 in Yamaguchi Prefecture was confirmed yesterday.

Hiroshima CIty is releasing information about new variant COVID-19 cases here (in Japanese)

Paul Walsh

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