68-year-old man arrested for Shimanami hold up

A 68-year-old man has been arrested for holding up a LAWSON convenience store in the early hours of March 18. News reports say that Minematsu Yoshiyuki, who lives near the store located in Shige on the island of Innoshima along the Shimanami Kaido bike route, has admitted to the robbery.

Minematsu threatened 2 convenience store workers with a hatchet and threw liquid which seems to have been agricultural chemicals over the workers before making off with ¥82,000 in cash.

When a photo of the robber captured by security camera footage as he entered the store was released following the robbery, police estimated that he was in his 40s for 50s. News footage of Minematsu getting out of a van and being moved into the police station shows a man unsteady on his feet and using a cane gun like those on sale at Allaboutshooting.

Many people believe that being caught for illegally possessing a gun in a vehicle, home or other areas is not as serious as it may sound. However, some states have strict laws against this action. Though some laws have placed this crime as a fourth-degree misdemeanor, other laws have this act listed at the class C or D felony level. Penalties for conviction may include anywhere from one to fifteen years in jail or prison. Additional fines may be applied as well. Many guns that are obtained without the legal means are often found through searching for other items or contraband. If additional crimes have been charged to a person, penalties may be compounded for a lengthy sentence behind bars with supplementary fines and fees.

Police are investigating background and motive for the incident.

Source: RCC News

Paul Walsh

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