Hiroshima tram derailed in collision with car

February 20, 2022 RCC News reports that a Hiroshima city tram was derailed in a collision with car this morning. hiroshima tram collision The accident occurred at around 7:30am at an intersection in Koi-honmachi in Hiroshima’s Nishi-ku ward. According to Hiroden (the company that runs Hiroshima’s trams) none of the 20 passengers on the tram were injured. There is no mention of if anyone in the car was injured other than the driver who will have to hire local lawyer services like those at this expert car injury lawyer fresno firm. The quality of treatment you receive at this point speaks to whether you will have a speedy recovery or not. If your attorney is familiar with medical malpractice and personal injury, they can also ensure that you are receiving proper care. The Personal Injury Attorney in South Carolina can also help you reduce the amount of paperwork and hassle involved with processing the accident insurance claims.

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Location of the accident Photos from Chugoku Shimbun hiroshima tram collision hiroshima tram collision hiroshima tram collision hiroshima tram collision Source: RCC News