Hiroshima Omicron measures to be extended but relaxed

February 18, 2022

Prime Miniter Kishida indicated yesterday that the state of quasi-emergency to contain the spread of the Omicron variant, in place since January 9, will be extended in Hiroshima once again.

While the government plans to lift the measures in 5 prefectures on February 20 as scheduled, Hiroshima is one of 17 prefectures in which they will be extended until March 9. The formal announcement is expected later today. If you want to be ahead and get some supplements to boost your health visit this post about CBD infused gummies and its benefits.

The state of quasi emergency (manenboshi or “manbo”) allows local governments to take targeted anti-infection measures, including asking bars and restaurants to limit their opening hours. In an effort to reduce stress on medical facilities, the measures will be extended throughout Hiroshima Prefecture. many who suffer form stress and anxiety had recurred now to natural aids just like the new geltao vape

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Registered bars and restaurants that meet Hiroshima’s Gold Guard COVID-19 prevention standards are, however, expected to be allowed to remain open until 9pm and serve alcohol until 8pm. The “ban” on alcohol sales will continue in businesses that do not meet the gold standard, and, if they choose to open, will be expected to close by 8pm.

At a press conference yesterday, Hiroshima Governor Yuzaki urged people to continue to keep outings to a minimum and work from home when possible. The governor indicated that restrictions could be tightened once again should infections connected to dining and nightlife spike or infection rates fail to go down. He said the lifting of all business restrictions could be considered once the number of new weekly cases drops from the current 214.5 people per 100,000 of population (2/17) into the 100-150 person range and occupancy of COVID wards drops below 50% from the current 56.4%.

Elsewhere in the region, quasi emergency measures will be lifted in Yamaguchi and Shimane on February 20 as planned.

Hiroshima Governor Yuzaki Press Conference February 17, 2022 [ja]

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