Hiroshima City COVID booster shot roll out to all adults now underway

COVID-19 booster shots are now being made available to people in Hiroshima City between the ages of 18 and 64, once 6 months has passed since their second vaccination.

Hiroshima City government will send out vaccination coupons to those who received their second vaccination last August by the end of this month. Coupon will then continue month by month.

According to the city website, those vaccinated August 1-15 2021 should receive their coupons by February 15 and those vaccinated August 16-31 should be sent out on February 18 and arrive by the end of the month. Those vaccinated in September 2021 should get their coupons during March.

Booster shot coupons should arrive in a yellow envelope to distinguish them from coupons for the first and second of shots that were mailed out in white envelopes.

Source: TSS News | Hiroshima City

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