Nakano Sakura tunnel in Ohnan

A thirty year community project in rural Ohnan has created an avenue of cherry trees as peaceful as it is beautiful during sakura season.

Last spring, when I was exploring the Ohnan area by bicycle, a line of pink cherry blossom along a side road caught my eye. A few minutes later I was at the bottom of a strip of asphalt that climbed a hill lined with beautiful sakura trees p, planted by a local group in 1988, and bordered by daffodils. It was warm spring day with a blue skies. The blossoms were already on the wane, and petals swirled like snow on the light breeze. Lovely.

The 2017 cherry blossom season was later than usual and the blossoms are at full bloom in Ohnan at time of writing. Here is a shot from April 14, 2017.

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As you can see below, even after the blossoms are past their peak the place is beautiful on a nice day.

Paul Walsh

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