Radio Love

radio loveRadio Love is a feature film set in Hiroshima and made by Hiroshima born film maker, Hideyuki Tokigawa. The film is playing at Yokogawa Cinema until April 18. It is subtitled in English and, set in Hiroshima, so locals are likely to spot quite a few familiar locations and characters.

A plot summary on the IMDB entry reads

A charismatic radio DJ in Hiroshima, is so disillusioned he wants to quit his job. The years have drained all the passion he had for speaking into a microphone and it’s all he can do to turn up for work every day without being drunk. One day, the radio DJ saves a young girl who is about to fall off a bridge. This girl pleads with him not to leave radio because the radio helps connect people. But he doesn’t believe her. But then a series of strange events that revolve around even stranger characters occur, and he is forced to a realization. The radio DJ start opening to the invisible connection between the radio and the people of Hiroshima in a magical way.


Tokigawa, who studied at Vancouver Film school and Meiji University, has worked for Discovery Channel Asia and Walt Disney Television International in the past. He has been working independently since 2002 to create feature length documentaries, TV commercials, music videos and short films, many of which have been broadcast on major networks and cable syndicates.

Radio Love is showing with at Yokogawa Cinema until April 18 at 12:40 and 20:10

Japanese with English subtitles


radio love

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