PB Climbing

Novice, or expert, family & kid-friendly climbing wall gym near Yokogawa station (Hiroshima city). PB is run by climbing enthusiasts who have been developing their passion for scaling up rocks for many years and wanted to open their own shop in Hiroshima to pass on their passion to people in their hometown.

Open every day except Friday, PB offers not only dedicated climbers a venue to keep up their skills in between trips to climbing spots around the county (and worldwide), but also gives newbies a chance to learn climbing basics and improve their skills before trying it out in the wild.

On your first visit, all participants are asked to join as (lifetime) members (around 1,000 yen each) and have to sign waivers in case of injury and to state that you understand that climbing is a dangerous sport and you could die, break your neck, or suffer life-long injuries. Parents should sign these forms for minors. Then one of the staff will explain how the routes work and the etiquette of climbing on the walls- basically don’t climb near other climbers and don’t hang out on the mat if you are not climbing, stay on the side unless you are actively working out a route or climbing.

There are no ropes used, the walls are used for free climbing and bouldering (strength training climbing sideways). Once you are a member, you pay a per visit fee of ¥620 for school-age kids, ¥1000 for college-age kids and ¥1.240 for adults. Shoe rental and chalk bag use are included in this price. Cold drinks- juice boxes, sodas and sparkling water are available for only 100 yen from behind the counter and they also sell climbing clothing and original t-shirts too.

Two floors of climbing walls offer ample routes and challenges for all level climbers. The first floor offers more basic starter routes, the second floor is higher and offers more challenging routes. The staff design and change the routes every once in a while to keep it interesting for regulars. When we visited on a rainy Sunday, it started getting quite busy around 2pm but everyone was really friendly and took turns on the walls. According to the staff, it is much quieter on weeknights.

  • Opening hours: Closed Fridays/ Open Monday to Thursday: 14:00 (2pm)-22:30 (10:30pm), Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 12noon-8pm
  • Telephone/Fax: 082-942-3383  email: [email protected]
  • Address: Hiroshima city, Nishi-ku Yokogawa-shin-machi 5-20 / in Japanese: 〒733-0013広島県広島市西区横川新町5-20 Google Map here


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