God Burger

Unfortunately, after over 30 years in business God Burger has now closed its doors for good. 

God Burger may be less of a Yokogawa feature than it used to be when it commanded a main corner of town, but it is still a unique little burger place that you are unlikely to forget once you visit. Named “God Burger” after the owner since he has “Kami” in his name (which means “God”).  If you like burgers and are in Yokogawa, this is an interesting and tasty place to eat-in or take-out food from.

The owner originally opened this shop in the 1970’s when this was one of the only western eateries around. The classic God Burger, served dripping in grease and salt, eaten alongside the signature spicy fries and overly creamy shakes was the staple here until 2009. At the remodel of the shop, the owners also reinvented the God burger model.

Since 2010, when they reopened in this new, smaller shop, they also downsized the effect their food would have on their customer’s health. The new menu cuts out anything deep-fried. Gone are the fatty fries and other deep fried burgers, no more are the high calorie shakes too. They have also designated the new shop as a smoke-free zone.

I have to admit to feeling slightly disappointed walking in thinking we were going to eat fast food and being denied feeling disgusting on the way out, but there is always the greasy ramen shop next door if you are in need of a high cholesterol fix. Once we ordered and were sat in the new, clean and pleasant surroundings, I got my head around the idea of doing without the normal amount of junk and was able to enjoy it. We were served on cute little trays, our burgers on real plates with silverware alongside and our drinks in glasses came on cute saucers. It was a very relaxing way to enjoy a burger in the smoke-free, grease-free, comfortable wooden surroundings. It must also be a lot nicer to work in this environment as well.

There are 18 items to choose from on the menu and there is a huge variety of burgers (in 3 sizes) to keep you interested: curry burgers, teriyaki burgers, Hawaiian burgers, chicken burgers, bacon & egg, pork burgers to name a few. For the non-meat eaters there is an egg burger, salad burger and the mochi (pounded rice cake) burger. Mochi, egg, pineapple, bacon, extra hamburger patties and other extras can also be added to any burger starting from a mere 30 yen extra. One of the kids (as proclaimed on a colorful poster on the wall) is apparently a fan of the curry burger with mochi topping. Very interesting! They also have a few hot dogs on offer as well (with various toppings). Burgers cost from around 300 yen for a small egg burger to nearly 1,500 yen for a double patty Hawaiian burger with all the extras you could imagine.

Hours: 11am- 6pm Open everyday except Tuesday Address: Hiroshima city, Nishi-ku Yokogawa-machi 3-10-16 Tel: 082-232-2608

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