3Q Cut (¥1,000 all haircuts)

3Q (SanKyu “Thank you”) haircut shop prides itself in giving you a decent cut in around 10 minutes. There is no wasting time (or money) on shampoo-ing or blowdrying and styling hair here, this is a simple and straightforward, no-fuss salon.

This haircut concept is great for anyone who is not bothered by the pampering of a hair salon and just needs a simple cut, buzz or trim. This place is also excellent for kids- they even have a special area (and little person friendly chairs) for kids to sit in and watch cartoons while they get their hair cut or buzzed.

A few years ago, a rule for hair salons in Japan was deregulated to allow some shops to function without offering a shampoo as part of the service. Since then, quite a few of these 1,000 yen for all cuts salons began to pop up around the country. This 3Q cuts is a national chain. This branch in Yokogawa is a very straight-forward shop with quite friendly staff.

No reservations are taken, just walk in and buy your 1000 yen card from the machine near the door. Then wait in the next available (numbered) chair in the front waiting area. You will move chairs as people get up to get their hair cut. When you are called to the next open chair, they just wet down your hair and begin to cut. Once they get your approval of the cut, they vacuum your head with a hose they pull down from the station to get the extra hair off.

Easy, simple, fast, convenient and very cheap. All cuts are only ¥1,000 yen. There is no waiting area for anyone not getting their hair cut, but the Yokogawa area has quite a few restaurants, cafes, bookstores and other places to wait nearby. In fact, one block behind this shop is a cute little covered shopping street with a few interesting shops and cafes to explore.

Not all of these 10 minute, ¥1,000 yen hair cut salons have a kids area. In this Yokogawa shop, there are two special chairs for kids in the back of the salon, one looks like a sports car the other is just a booster on a regular chair. Kids can choose from a variety of videos in Japanese to watch while getting their hair done: Ampanman, Tom and Jerry and “Pokemon” (Pocket monsters) were on offer the last time we went in.

There are seats in this kids area for parents to sit and be near if the kids need consoling, or if the stylists need to consult on the type of cut you want, or length, etc. At the end of the session, the kids are given a lollypop or comb (usually they ask the parent if it is okay to give them candy first).

  • Weekends are much busier
  • Same price for kids, adults, men or women
  • All non-smoking

Hours: Open everyday of the year- Mondays to Fridays 10am-8pm Sat, Sun, and Holidays 9am-7pm  Address: Hiroshima city, Nishi-ku Yokogawa machi 3-3-5 (in Japanese: 広島市西区横川町3-3-5) (Along the main road in front of Yokogawa station)  Tel: 082-295-1869

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