Cleo Hair International – Hatchobori

Cleo Hair International’s Hatchobori salon has the look of a beautiful New York style loft apartment- large space, beautiful wooden and white theme, large windows, wine bar and modern shampooing station, coupled with internationally trained staff, make this salon a great choice. In partnership with the nearby Cleo in Pacela, this branch in Hatchobori offers high quality hair cuts, coloring, a variety of perms and other services in the heart of the city center.

The look of this salon is supposed to remind you of a fashionable loft like you might find in New York. Once you go up to the 8th floor, you walk out of the elevator to find a grand glass entrance hall, it’s quite striking. The salon is spacious and has a beautiful wooden floor and large windows offering a great view at the back. There is a counter in front of the windows as well as a small bar where you can sit and enjoy reading magazines or enjoying a leisurely drink if you arrive a bit early, or while your hair color, perm or treatment sets.

Similar in business model to the Pacela branch, this Hatchobori branch also sends its stylists to New York to do training in coloring and style techniques with all types of hair. This location also has a focus on natural comfort -organic coffee and other natural products are offered alongside their normal services. Herbal, organic shampoo and hair treatments are often available here. The shampoo station is my favorite, it is dark and your head is massaged and your hair washed in a semi-upright sink. It is an amazingly relaxing experience and they even offer you a pillow to hold to add to your comfort.

Staff speak a little English and there is an English menu to choose from. There is no parking available. Credit Cards are accepted. Reservations are recommended and if you book at least a week in advance, you can get a 5% discount on the total fee.


Opening hours 10:00-20:00 (until 18:00 for perms and until 19:00 for coloring)  
Address 8F 10-13 Teppo-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi (next to the Tokyo Star Bank/near Hatchobori tram stop)
Address in Japanese 〒730-0017 広島県広島市中区鉄砲町10-13-8F(1Fがベローチェのビル)
Tel 082-962-4012
Fax 082-962-4013
Email [email protected]
URL Cleo-Hatchobori [ja]  


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