La Chouette

As you walk along the main road from the castle gate, you will notice a fashionable little green door, which may be similar to those Bespoke Doors, and ornate ironwork detailing which stands out.

It really sets itself apart from the grey government office buildings that fill the blocks along this road all the way to the prefectural art museum and the adjacent Shukeien gardens. Once you walk inside, you feel like you are in a trendy Parisian cake shop and cafe. It is quite an elegant, high quality and unique shop to be found right in the city center. La Chouette is a part of the popular Hiroshima chain of take-out sweets and cakes shops “La Chambre Sweets”. Unique to the chain, however, La Chouette cake shop also has an adjacent cafe where you can enjoy a cake and drink in elegant surroundings. The table cloths are black and silver silk, the wall paper is black floral print, the sugar cubes are kept in jewerly boxes on the table, and the silverware and cups are all very high class. A trip to the bathroom is also a treat with its red velvet wallpaper, glass podium basin and other ornate detailing.

There is seating in the cafe for about 10~15 people and the menu is in Japanese with clear pictures and prices. The cake sets are a particularly good bargain. Choose from one of 12 of their stunning cakes and a hot coffee or tea for a mere 525 yen. If you are in need of a larger treat or want to share a larger dessert, there are also ala carte options of teas, coffee, ice-cream of the day, warm apple pie with ice-cream, french toast, yoghurt shake or fruit and ice-cream parfait for around ¥600, add another ¥400 for a drink. A la carte drinks of coffee, pots of tea and juice or mineral waters cost between ¥500~¥800. Slices of cake and chou creme (cream puff) pastries are available for take-out starting from around ¥300. Entire cakes can be purchased from ¥2,400~¥6,000. Personalized birthday or special occasion cakes can be ordered in advance. The stacked, French style Croquembouche pastry, which looks like a chou creme tower, is also a signature creation popular to order for wedding celebrations. Hours: 11am-8pm open everyday Address: Hiroshima shi, Naka-ku Hatchobori 5-25  tel: 082-222-1891 fax: 082-222-1892 URL: LaChambreSweets

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