Lopez Okonomiyaki

Once you eat at Lopez, you will know what really good okonomiyaki tastes like. [日本語]

Lopez, a long-time ex-pat resident of Hiroshima, has been running this popular shop alongside his wife in the heart of Yokogawa for many years.

Originally, Lopez trained under Hiroshima’s most famous okonomiyaki master, Hassho , and has for many years since delighted customers with some of the best Hiroshima style okonomiyaki this city can offer.

Since those humble beginnings, he has taken on the role of master by training other budding okonomiyaki chefs. Once they have learned the proper skills, many have then continued on independently to open their own shops.

The standard okonomiyaki dish (soba noodles, bacon, batter and vegetables covered in sauce) is probably the most popular with customers. It is worth trying out the Lopez original crepe creation by ordering it with the additional topping of jalapeno peppers. There are also a couple of side dishes available at this shop from Guatemala.

Lopez, his wife and friendly staff work alongside each other taking orders and cooking the okonomiyaki and teppanyaki side dishes on the hot grill in front of the customers. All the seating at this shop is along the grill, but you can ask for a plate to eat off of if it is too hot for you. Add a cold draft beer in a chilled glass and you have the perfect meal combination.

Lopez is very friendly with all the customers and easily changes his banter from Japanese to English if the clientele is similarly diverse. It’s very impressive. Also, as a proud father himself, this shop is very child friendly and they are friendly and welcoming to little ones. They will offer you kids cutlery, cups and plates if you come with kids.

If you arrive and all the counter seats are full, sit in one of the seats behind and they will ask you how many people in your party. When spots open up, they will offer you a space at the grill where you can order your dinner. Not all the people in this waiting area will move to eat at the grill, as this is also a popular place to order take-out. There is 1 parking spot in front and 100 yen parking lots nearby. To get there: walk a few blocks from Yokogawa station to find Lopez off to the left, on a side street right off the main street (turn at the motorcycle shop).

Opening hours:
Lunch 11:30-14:00 Tuesday and Friday only
Dinner 16:30-23:00 Monday-Friday

Closed: Saturday and Sunday

Address: 1-7-13, Kusunoki-cho, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Tel: 082-232-5277

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