Run by an healthy food-loving chef and her music-loving partner, Otis! is a small space packed with character. [日本語]

During the day, Otis! is a smoke-free cafe offering healthy Japanese and Tex-Mex set lunches, with or without meat, and an à la carte menu with some American foods hard to find in Japan (be sure to leave room for the pecan pie). In the evening, it is a nice, quiet place have a bite to eat or a drink or is transformed into a cosy live music venue.

Interior of Otis! in Hiroshima, Japan

Otis! has a loyal group of patrons from the Japanese and international community, travelers and the occasional entertainer dropping in from one of the two big event halls across the street. The walls are covered with the signatures and pen-work of customers who have stopped by, including a large drawing by giant of the animation world, John Lasseter, who was in town for the biennial International Animation Festivals held at Aster Plaza every other August.

Wall art at Otis! in Hiroshima, Japna

Although there are also meat dishes on the menu, with a deep understanding of vegetarian needs, Otis! is an excellent choice if you prefer not to eat meat or if you are looking for somewhere to take a vegetarian or vegan guest.

The lunch sets are good sized portions of tasty food. Vegetarians will love the lunch set of vegetarian chili and rice (or chips), salad and cheese enchilada for only ¥850.

Vegetarian Tex-mex lunch plate at Otis! in Hiroshima, Japan

Enchilladas at Otis! in Hiroshima Japan,

The lentil curry plate (also ¥850) is also really good.

Lentil curry plate at Otis! in Hiroshima, Japan

Although the à la carte dishes may seem more like tapas than western style mains, they are very tasty. You can get great tasting chili, enchiladas, nachos, guacamole, tacos, made both with and without meat. Meat and seafood lovers might like to try the meat pie, spare ribs, Mexican sausage, bacon and beans, meat-filled Tex-Mex dishes, seafood pilaf and Jambalaya, tuna and potato casserole and BLT sandwiches.

Tacos at Otis! in Hiroshima, Japan

Coffee and desserts on their own are also popular here- the owner makes some delicious homemade American style pies and cakes: pumpkin, pecan and apple pie, banana cake, brownies and muffins are all delicious.

Pecan pie at Otis! in Hiroshima, Japan

freshly baked scones at otis

Talking recently with owner-chef, Saeki-san, she lamented not being able to make everything completely organic, but she says she uses as many organic ingredients as she can find. On the menu you can find organic rice, coffee, miso soup, beans and vegetables being used. She also said she would like to make it non-smoking all day, but at least it is an all non-smoking venue till evening.

If you send an email reservation through their website, you can get the advance ticket price on the door for their live music events.

  • Seating for 24
  • No credit cards
  • Non-smoking at lunch
  • No-smoking at the counter all day
  • Reservations accepted
  • 1 parking space plus ¥100 parking lot next door

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00-22:30 (L.O.), Sundays & Holidays 16:00-22:30 (L.O.)
Address: 1-20 Kako-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken 730-0812
Tel: 082-249-3885


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