Ichiriki Okonomiyaki

If you are looking for okonomiyaki in a fun and friendly little place, then Ichiriki is a great choice. Yasumi and Hiroyoshi are the hardworking sibling owners who opened this little shop in 2004 and have been gaining fans near and far ever since. They have delicious Hiroshima style okonomiyaki as well as a large a la carte menu of teppan-yaki– grilled dishes, oden and more to choose from.


The first time I went to Ichiriki, I noticed that the flavor of the okonomiyaki is richer, more savory, it seems to melt in your mouth. I later discovered that this extra flavor may be due to the garlic powder that they add while cooking. I really like it and think it is a delicious addition to the traditional recipe, but if you are on a hot date, you can always ask them not to add it.

On the okonomiyaki menu, there is the basic fare for only ¥570- layered okonomiyaki (Hiroshima style) with meat, vegetables, bonito flakes; add chinese soba or udon noodles for a little more, also a variety of extra toppings like shrimp, squid, cheese, mochi, freshly chopped negi green onions and more are available for about 100 yen extra each. The Ichiriki special choc-o-bloc full of extra delights is ¥920 which should please the biggest appetites.

Ala carte- their most popular side dish (with Japanese customers) is horumon a delicacy, but is not very popular with some less adventurous customers (most foreigners don’t like guts, Yasumi tells me). Horumon is sauteed intestines and very delicious if you can get past the idea of it and the chewy texture. Other popular side dishes are: spinach with butter (an all-time favorite), ebi-mayo shrimp, cold tofu hiyayako or fried tofu with spices, fried rice, omelets and more. Popular side-dishes for meat eaters are the kalbi beef in miso, kimchi with pork and SeSeRi chicken similar to that found in yakitori BBQ stands.

Drinks are very reasonable at Ichiriki- draught Kirin on tap for only 300 yen, soft drinks are 120 yen and cocktails are 450 yen.

  • Take out available & delivery if you live nearby (free delivery if order is 800 yen or more)
  • Good English menu & they speak a little English
  • No parking or parking discounts available, but many nearby 100 yen parking lots
  • Seating for 20
  • Eco-friendly re-usable chopsticks 🙂

Opening Hours: 11:30-14:00, 17:30-23:00 (22:30 L.O.)
Closed: Mondays
Address: Hiroshima city, Naka-ku Enomachi 1-14
Tel: 082-233-0181

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