4th Yokogawa Art Charity Festival

4th yokogawa international art charity festivalFor the 4th time the Yokogawa-Art-Charity-Festival will be held on April 27th at Seed-Art-Laboratory, close to Yokogawa Station. This Art-Festival is part of the annual Fushigi-Ichi Matsuri which is not only remarkable because of its Cosplay Parade but also for its 5 live music stages, extraordinarly cheap food/drinks prices and for its all in all nonbiri easygoing and relaxed atmosphere.

After the 3/11 Tsunami and Earthquake catastrophe in Japan in 2011, a foreign national living in Hiroshima created this festival to help the victims in the Tohoku area. The idea for this festival is to have artists, designers, photographers, and other people in the arts community to come together and support the people of the Tohoku region of Japan by donating their artworks for this Art-Festival. Fortunately the owners of SEED-Art-Laboratory, an art school, offer their space for free to hold the event each year.

In a one-day exhibition visitors can not only come and see the exhibition, consisting of very different kind of genres and techniques, but also they can purchase these donated artworks for a very reasonable price, between 1,000 and 10,000 Yen. This year there´ll be also a Japanese artist doing amazing portraits of the visitors!

Although it has been 3 years since the 3/11, there’s still great support from the artistic community. This year over 40 artists from 13 countries donated their artwork to support the restoration and people of the Tohoku region, who are still confronted with many different kind of problems, especially in their daily life with increased radiation levels, the purpose is to also help with medical bills so that their health doesn’t deteriorate. This is the reason why all the proceeds from the 4th Yokogwaw Art-Charity-Festival this year will be donated to the NPO “Fukushima-Kids”.

So, if you would like to spend a fun day with your friends or family at an unique Matsuri, interested in art and want to support the people of Tohoku Japan, please come to Yokogawa on April 27.

You´ll surely find a nice piece of art for your living room, business or the next birthday present for your beloved ones and at the same time help the people of Tohoku Japan with your donation and don’t forget that they also constantly organize fundraisers with GoFundMe!!

Please check the official website
for more details,information and pictures from the past three events in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Official website of the Fushigi-Ichi-Matsuri (Japanese):


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