How to check Hiroshima Carp seat availability at Mazda Stadium

The Carp are sold out for most of the 2017 season, so how do you find out what seats are still available for which games?

Competition has been fierce for seats to see the Hiroshima Carp at Mazda Stadium this season. When fans went to buy tickets on March 1 they found that many had already been snapped up in February as season tickets. There are a few seats left (mostly in the first couple of months), but the Carp office says they expect them to be gone soon too.

To find out which seats are still up for grabs and at which games, you need to go to the Kuuseki [空席] or ’empty seat’ page on the Hiroshima Carp’s website. Most of the page is readable using Google Translate, but the key functionality – actually showing ticket availability is missing. So, here is a guide to using the Japanese page.

First go to the Kuuseki [空席] or ’empty seat’ page.

Hiroshima Carp Seat Availability Guide

There are basically four squares on the page. The top two are to select the games and the bottom two to select seat types. Both can be selected one by one or all in one go, by clicking the buttons with small arrows on them. Seat availability is then automatically output below.

For example, if you select the Giants game on April 25 along with all seat types, you get this.

Giants ticket availability example


Ticket availability is shown as

⚪︎ Tickets available
△ A few tickets left
※ Some individual seats available
x Sold out

So, here left outfield reserved seat tickets are slod out for the April 7 game against Yakult.

Ticket availability legend

Most of the tickets that remain are unreserved seating, visitor seating and wheelchair seats. Please remember that an unreserved ticket doesn’t guarantee you a seat. People with unreserved tickets tend to line up very early to grab a spot and many people end up standing. In the visitor performance are, you aren’t allowed to wear Carp gear and cheering for the Carp is frowned up to say the least.

Good luck and maybe see you in a bar watching the Carp play this season!

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Paul Walsh

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