Well-loved by those in the know, the coffee shop U-shed lies less than a minute east of the Ujina-ni-chome streetcar station. With its light wood, white paint, and wide windows, U-shed is instantly appealing. Although a little distant from Hiroshima’s famous sites — but, for what it’s worth, directly on the way to the public bath Ho no Yu — U-shed’s tasty fare and warm yet chic atmosphere make it worth the trip.

Miki at U-shed in Ujina Hiroshima

The owner, Miki, has run U-shed since April 2014. Until then, she lived in Tokyo working as a barista, but she and her partner moved to Hiroshima three years ago to protect her partner’s grandmother’s house, which has stood since before the atomic bombing. U-shed now occupies the house’s first floor. After immediately feeling a connection to her new neighborhood, Miki named her cafe U-shed, based on her vision of the shop as an Ujina koya (cottage).

U-shed’s menu contains all the usual coffee and espresso variants, excellently done, as well as a few rarer items, such as the delicious and sweet L.C. (lemonade and iced coffee). Miki’s dedication to quality comes across clearly in her drinks. The beans used — a light, original blend also available for purchase — are from the Fukuoka-based Coffee County.

Miki said she designed the food menu to support the flavor of the coffee; U-shed offers gelato, homemade baked goods, and a mean keema curry and lemon panini. The baked goods intentionally don’t include eggs or milk and aren’t overly sweet. Many of the ingredients, including milk and lemons, are locally sourced from vendors in Hiroshima prefecture; Miki places high importance on working with vendors she knows she can trust.

Along with its food and drink, U-shed sells T-shirts, sweatshirts, and canvas bags that spell out Ujina, as well as cute potted plants and cacti. The shop will occasionally host pop-up stores for other brands. Though not roomy, U-shed also holds workshops, gigs, and other events. The space is available for rent, according to U-shed’s website, and anything from art show to talk show is on the table.

For the coffee lovers, the cafe meguri-ers, and those looking to get a little off the beaten path, take a hop down to this Ujina oasis.

Opening hours: 09:00–19:00
Closed: Thursday

  • English menu
  • Staff speak limited English
  • Cash only
  • No parking
  • Smoking section

URL: u-shed.jp
Facebook: @ujinashed

Address: 1-5-33 Ujina-kanda, Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi
Address in Japanese: 広島県南区宇品神田1-5-33
Access: 2 min walk from Ujina ni-chome streetcar stop
Tel: 082-258-5477
Email: [email protected]

Annelise Giseburt

Annelise is a freelance reporter based in Tokyo.