NoNoBudou Buffet

If you like Japanese dishes and love your vegetables, you will enjoy a meal at NonoBudou 野の葡萄 “Natural Garden Terrace”. It’s a big buffet restaurant with a wide variety of savory and sweet foods to choose from. There is an open terrace seating area with views of the castle and inside seating at tables. Party plans available for groups and all-you-can drink (pour your own) alcohol plans can also be added in the evening.

I first went on my own and really enjoyed it, then I took the kids. I thought I had a few picky eaters on my hands, but I was pleased to see that the kids were as excited about the fresh and healthy selection of foods as I was. Most of the foods are Japanese style, but there were a few bread and pasta selections as well as desserts that are more “western.” The staff said the ingredients and vegetables used come mostly from within Hiroshima prefecture and a previous cook from their kitchen told us: “all the products are always really fresh and high quality.” As a diner, you can appreciate that freshness and high quality in every bite.

The chefs work hard in the open kitchen next to the buffet tables. They were cooking grilled meats and seafood dishes, deep frying chicken, pan frying chichimi Korean pancakes as well as other savory dishes. On the main buffet table there was pasta, rice dishes and a wide variety of sautéed vegetables and a few platters of typical Japanese side dishes made with gobo, hijiki, seaweeds and pumpkin. There were a few choices of soups, salads, fresh fruit, yoghurt, breads, desserts, self-serve ice-cream area and more. The quality of all the produce seemed really good, lightly seasoned and really farm-fresh, delicious.

The staff are really friendly and although there is no information in English, it’s easy to pay the set amount for adults and children by age, then help yourself to the buffet as many times as you like. Wooden main dish plates are on the tables and you can refill them as you please. Smaller dishes are available next to the buffet and will be cleared from your table when empty or look discarded. 100% Juices, teas, herbal teas and coffees are all included free with the buffet price.

You may have to wait at busier times since there is no time limit for the buffet dining, so many people enjoy the food and take their time eating. It’s best to go right when they open or later if you want to get in without a wait. Busiest times for lunch are 12-2pm and for dinner 18:30-19:30


  • Adults: Lunch ¥1,680 (11-16:00) Dinner: ¥2,100 (17:30-22:00)
  • Seniors (70 years and up) ¥1.260 for Lunch or Dinner
  • Elementary (6-12 years) ¥840/¥1,050
  • Preschool (3-6 years) ¥420 Lunch or Dinner
  • Under 3’s eat for free with paying adults
  • Alcohol All-You-Can-Drink plan (120 minutes) ¥1,400 Includes standard beer, cocktails and shochu, umeshu, sake (add 300 yen to get Kirin Ichiban Shibori beer instead of the standard beer) Add another 500 yen per person to add another 30 minutes to the plan.

 Address: 7F Pacela Motomachi-Cred 6-78 Motomachi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city  Tel: 082-502-3340


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