No new Chugoku region coronavirus cases for 1st time in 30 days

May 1, 2020

Yesterday, no new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Hiroshima Prefecture or the wider Chugoku region for the first time in 30 days. Cash relief payments likely to be delayed. Concern for the welfare of Rabbit Island’s bunnies.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus (as of 11 pm April 30) in Hiroshima Prefecture remains at 155 and 235 across the 5 prefectures of the Chugoku Region.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku Region as of April 30, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
155 32 22 23 3
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
2 deaths        


Authorities warn that this is not the time to relax

Although it comes as a relief to finally have a day with zero new cases of coronavirus in the region, authorities are urging local people to continue social distancing efforts to make sure that this is becomes a trend rather than remaining an anomaly.


Many Hiroshima residents likely to have to wait for their ¥100,000 Abe checks

In a survey of Hiroshima Prefecture’s 23 towns and cities, Chugoku Shinbun has found that many residents will have wait some time for their one-off ¥100,000 cash payments announced by the national government recently. Payments in Hiroshima City, which has some 570,000 households, and Kure City will not be made until mid June due to the time it will take to set up the required data management systems.

It seems like lucky folks in Otake will get their payments earlier than anyone else as they are aiming to kick things off on May 8.


Likely start of payments by area

Hiroshima City June
Kure Online from May 12
Postal from June
Takehara May 12
Mihara May 22
Onomichi Late May
Fukuyama Late May
Fuchu City Late May
Shobara Late May
Otake Start around may 8
Most 2nd half of May
Higashi-hiroshima May 20
Hatsukaichi Late May
Akitakata Mid May
Etajima Late May
Fuchu Town Online from May 15
Postal from May 28
Kaita Online from mid May
Postal from May 28
Kumano Online from May 7
Postal from May 28
Saka Online from around May 8
Postal from May 29
Akiota May 22
Kita-hiroshima May 27
Osaki Kamijima May 29
Sera Late May
Jinseki-kogen Late May

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


Concern about Rabbit Island bunnies

Concerns about the health of the rabbits on Okunoshima, better known as “Rabbit Island”, have been raised. The rabbits rely heavily on food given to them by visitors to the island. However, visitor numbers fell by 80% in April compared to last year, due to reduced travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

The island is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Environment, but as the rabbits were introduced to the island in the 1970s they do not come under their protection. Chugoku Shinbun reports that the ministry is currently taking a look at its no-touch policy.

The ferry terminal at Tadanoumi Port is currently handing out packets of rabbit food, that usually cost ¥200, for free to anyone who has to go out to the island. “The unclear status of the rabbit population may make it difficult to come up with an official policy, but it is painful to see the rabbits in distress,” said the terminal’s Ryoma Matsumoto.

Despite the concern, people from outside the local area are strongly requested not to travel to the island during this time.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun


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