Hiroshima trials general PCR testing for 6,000

Hiroshima trials general PCR testing for 6,000 people who live and work in certain parts of the city this week.

Hiroshima made the news last month when governor Yuzaki Hidehiko announced plans to provide free PCR tests for up to 800,000 people living and working in Hiroshima at a time when the number of daily confirmed cases was increasing at an alarming rate.

As these numbers started to drop, the plan was later scaled back to around 240,000, based on the projected number of people who would step forward). This coming weekend, a trial of 6,000 free tests will be conducted among people who live and work in specific parts of Hiroshima City. The tests will be conducted at the site of the former municipal baseball stadium, across the street from the A-bomb Dome with participants required to make an appointment in advance. A special phone line has been set up people who are not confident in their Japanese ability or have difficulty understanding the Japanese web page.

Test reservations: From February 16 10:30am
– Online https://hiroshima-pcr.jp/
– Phoneline for non-Japanese speakers 0120-783-806
Test period: February 19-21 10:00~

General PCR test trial areas

Hakushima Nakamachi
Tokaichi-machi 1-chome
Funairi Honmachi
Funairi Minami 3-chome
Otemachi 5-chome
Senda-machi 1-chome
Eba-minami 1-chome

PCR test process and results

The tests will use saliva samples. After making their reservation, participants are required to pick a saliva kit from a designated pharmacy.

They then follow the instructions for taking a saliva sample (above) on the morning of their appointment and take their saliva sample to the collection site.

Telephone number for non-Japanese speakers: 0120-783-806

Only participants who test positive will be contacted by phone the day following test after 6pm.

Paul Walsh

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