Hiroshima announces 3-phase plan to ease “restraint”

May 6, 2020

Hiroshima Prefecture announced a 3-phase plan to ease coronavirus “restraint” measures yesterday.

Hiroshima Governor Yuzaki Hidehiko announced yesterday that, in line with national government policy, he was extending the current state of emergency until May 31. He also outlined a 3-phase plan for the easing of “restraint” to prevent the further spread of Covid-19.

While stressing the necessity of continued “restraint” and that any loosening of restrictions and businesses and voluntary distancing will be contingent on the spread of the coronavirus in Hiroshima Prefecture remaining under control,  Yuzaki outlined the prefecture’s 3-phase journey to an “exit” from restraint measures on June 1.


Three steps to the easing of social distancing measures in Hiroshima

All 3-phases assume that people will continue to avoid “3C” (closed spaces, crowded places and close contact) situations for the foreseeable future. The, sometimes contradictory, details of each phase and the estimated dates of implementation (subject to change depending on circumstances at the time) are outlined below.

Level 4 (current status)
Should infection rates increase and health services find themselves under unsustainable pressure, the current voluntary restrictions will remain in place.

Level 3 (May 11~)
All being well, zoos, museums and art galleries will be reopened. Driving schools will also resume classes as driving is seen as an essential work skill.

Continued use online meetings and remote working to keep going to workplaces below 50% of normal and to avoid business trips.

Restaurants and izakaya will be allowed stay open until 9pm instead of 8pm.

The request to keep social contact to below 20% of normal levels and to avoid all non-essential outings will continue.

Small gatherings outside will be allowed.

Level 2 (May 20~)
Private cram schools and non-food sections of department stores will reopen.

Continue to employ online meetings, remote working to keep going to workplaces below 50% of normal and to avoid business trips.

Restrictions on opening hours of restaurants and izakaya will be removed.

People will be requested to refrain from making non-essential outings at weekends.

Small gatherings outside will be allowed.

Level 1 (June 1~)
“3C” places that have been at the center of Covid-19 clusters around the country, such as sports gyms and pachinko parlors, will be allowed to resume business. Authorities are in discussions with places like cinemas about implementing measures such as spaced seating.

Removal of restrictions on businesses serving alcohol.

Resumption of travel outside Hiroshima Prefecture.

But people are encouraged to avoid “3C” locations and continue remotes working etc.

Danger of resurgence of the coronavirus

The governor ended his address with the warning that any resurgence of the virus as has been seen in other parts of Japan that have loosened restrictions will result in having to reimpose current measures. He urged the people of Hiroshima Prefecture continue to be patient and abide by social distancing requests for the safety and health of all.

The governor’s address concerning the 3-phase plan


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