COVID shots available to 5-11 year olds from early March

Hiroshima, Higashi-hiroshima and Hatsukaichi cities to start COVID-19 vaccinations for kids aged 5-11 from early March.

Hiroshima City

Two Pfizer shots will be given with a 3-week interval in between. A parent or guardian is required to be in attendance when the shots are given at one of the 73 designated hospitals and clinics. 

Vaccination coupons will be sent out for kids born between March 7, 2010 and March 2, 2017 one March 1. Coupons for kids turning 5 years old in March will be sent out in two batches at the end of March and beginning of April.

Reservations will be able to be made to a call center or online.

Hatsukaichi City

Hatsukaichi City is also start offering the vaccinations to the same age group from March 5. Reservations for the Pfizer vaccination at 14 designated hospitals and clinics will be available online from March 1. 100 kids will also be able get vaccinated at Yume Town Hatsukaichi shopping center on March 19. Vaccination coupons will start to be sent out on February 25.

Higashi Hiroshima

In Higashi-hiroshima, the shot roll out will start on March 8. Vaccination coupons will go out to the 13,000 eligible kids on February 28 and phone and web reservations will be open on the same day. The prarent or guardian in attendance should make sure to take the child’s boshi-techo Maternal and Child Health Book.

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