Coronavirus cases reach 30 in Hiroshima Prefecture, first cases in Shimane and Tottori

April 10

Cases of coronavirus have now been discovered in all of the 5 Chugoku region prefectures. Cases in Miyoshi, 3 new cases in Fukuyama and one more case in Hiroshima City bring the number of cases in Hiroshima Prefecture to 29 30.

A 2nd woman in her 80s tested positive for coronavirus in Miyoshi April 10

The day after an elderly woman was found to be Miyoshi’s first coronavirus patient, a 2nd woman, also in her 80s, was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus. The woman was rushed to hospital on March 28 after developing a high fever and tested on April 8 after showing signs of pneumonia. It is reported that she met family members in one of the 7 areas now under state of emergency on March 24.

Miyoshi Care Worker tests positive April 10

Miyoshi City announced late Friday night that a care worker who had visited both of the elderly women in Miyoshi who have tested positive for coronavirus has also tested positive. The nurse visited both women 4 times before they tested positive.

Daughter and mother are first two cases in Shimane

A female high school student and her mother tested positive for coronavirus in Matsue in Shimane Prefecture. These are Shimane Prefecture’s first cases.

The high-schooler developed a sore throat on 19th March and a fever on March 22. She visited a local medical facility 3 times) before they contacted the designated health center for testing on April 8. The test came back positive on April 9.

The student, who works in the day and attends school in the evening, went to school as normal until the start of the spring holidays. The mother developed a sore throat on April 5 and had a temperature of over 38º on April 6. She tested positive for coronavirus on April 10, the day after her daughter.

Sources: Chugoku Shinbun | Chugoku Shinbun

UPDATE 4/11/20
4 new coronavirus cases have been announced in Matsue in Shimane. They all work in the same bar as are all customers of the bar the high schooler mentioned above works at. Including the teenage woman’s mother this makes a cluster of 6 cases.

Unusually, the media has released the name of the bar (BUZZ) and detailed information about the woman and her mother’s movements (they traveled to Osaka on a Chugoku JR Bus on March 21, leaving Matsue Station at 7:30am and returned from Osaka on March 21, leaving Shin-osaka Station at 11pm.)

We assume this means the people involved all have agreed to have this information made public to help with contact tracing and hope that they will be applauded rather than demonized.

Source: NHK News

Hiroshima City University student tests positive April 10

Hiroshima City’s 14th coronavirus case is a university student in his 20s who attends Hiroshima City University. He developed a fever on April 1 and visited a hospital on April 9 after starting to feel fatigued and losing his sense of taste. The city reports that he continued his part-time job for several days after developing symptoms. He is also reported to have visited Yamaguchi and Kyoto prefectures at the end of March.

3 middle-aged men test positive in Fukuyama April 10

3 men in the 40s and 50s, who are co-workers of coronavirus cases announced on April 4 and April 8, tested positive April 10. This brings the number of cases in Fukuyama to 8.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun

Tottori Prefecture’s first case of coronavirus announced April 10

A man in his 60s tested positive for coronavirus in Tottori City April 10. This means that cases of coronavirus have been discovered in all of the Chugoku region’s 5 prefectures.

Source: Chugoku Shinbun