3rd Covid-19 death in Hiroshima as the region moves towards “new normal”

May 26, 2020

Although Hiroshima Prefecture reported its 3rd death on Sunday, May 24, the number of cases of Covid-19 in the Chugoku region continue to fall as more and more patients are discharged from hospital. Numbers of tests conducted also fall, however, as the region starts to move to the “new normal” now that restraint measures have been relaxed.

Coronavirus cases in Chugoku Region as of May 25, 2020
Hiroshima Yamaguchi Okayama Shimane Tottori
164 36 24 24 3
145 discharged 34 discharged 24 discharged 20 discharged 3 discharged
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0 
3 deaths        

Chugoku region Covid-19 testing snapshot (5/24-25)

Prefecture PCR tests on day Total tests
Hiroshima 13 (5/24) 6779
Yamaguchi 1 (5/25) 1657
Okayama 0 (5/24) 1646
Shimane 1 (5/24) 1084
Tottori 6 (5/25) 1309

Source: @ChugokuShimbun

3rd Covid-19 death announced in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Prefecture’s 3rd Covid-19 death was announced Sunday, May 24. The deceased was an elderly patient, but no other details have been released at the request of the family.

As Governor Yuzaki said at the announcement, although “restraint” measures were lifted in May 22, it does not mean that the virus has disappeared and that continued care is essential to prevent its resurgence.

Hiroshima City schools to resume June 1

Hiroshima City Board of Education confirmed that schools will reopened from June 1. Elementary and junior high school students will attend classes only in the morning for the first week, but high schoolers will restart their normal schedule immediately.

Summer and winter holidays will be shortened running from August 8-23 and December 26-January 10. This will make up 21 of the 29 days lost during the temporary closure. How to make up the other 8 days is still under consideration.

A detailed outline of the back to school policy can be found in English here on the Hiroshima City website.

Baseball to restart

Japan’s 2020 pro baseball season to start June 19 after a 3 month delay. Teams will play a shortened 120 game regular season. Although games will initially be played without spectators, the start will surely cheer local Hiroshima Carp fans.

Hiroshima’s pro-soccer team Hiroshima Sanfrecce has also restarted team training, but the date for the resumption of the season has yet to be announced.


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