Koboku no Mori Herb Garden

Koboku-no-mori herb garden [香木の森] is on the edge of the Ohochi basin in Ohnan, just across the Hiroshima border, in Shimane Prefecture. It is quite compact, but is a very pleasant place to stroll, picnic and enjoy views over the basin. It is, of course, of particular interest to gardeners and herb lovers, as they grow around 240 different kinds of herbs here.

There are 4 gardens; Rock Garden, Thyme Garden, Classical Garden and Knot Garden, all within a compact area with a stream running through it. There is also a nice grassy area surrounded by shaded benches, lovely on a clear, sunny day.

Koboku-no-mori European Garden

Koboku-no-mori 4 Gardens

Different plants come into bloom throughout the year, though May-June is when you can see the greatest variety of plants and flowers; June being the best time to enjoy the fragrant Thyme Garden and the beautiful lavender flowers. At certain times of the year, visitors can also pick their own produce; lavender from late-June to mid-July and blueberries from late-July to mid-August for a small charge.

In a large greenhouse next to the main garden you’ll find an array of herb seedlings and potted plants and flowers, ready to transplant into your own garden, all at very reasonable prices. Head to the ‘Craft-kan’ gift shop for more souvenirs and local products, including herb tea (and beer) made with herbs grown in the garden.

Koboku-no-mori greenhouse

Koboku-no-mori Seedlings and plants for sale

Koboku-no-mori is working hard to make as much of the garden as organic as possible, and perhaps its flagship project is its organic rose cultivation, which are grown in a greenhouse just below the main gardens. Here, you find some more pleasant plots, with walkways designed for elderly and disabled visitors and children.

One of several places that make up Ohnan’s visitor hub, nearby are places to eat delicious food made with local produce, a little shop with incredible gelato made with local milk and springs to soak away your worries. This makes Koboku-no-mori a great place to base yourself when exploring the wider area. The local tourist office is below the Craft-kan gift shop if you need more information.

Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Tuesday

URL: http://ohnan-kanko.com/koboku/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kobokunomori/

Address: 7154-10 Yakami, Ohnan-cho, Ohchi-gun, Shimane-ken 〒696-0103
Address in Japanese: 〒696-0103 島根県邑智郡邑南町矢上7154-10
Tel: 0855‐95‐2369

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