Hakuun-do Caves

The Hakuun-do limestone caves [白雲洞] take you 200m into the side of Taishaku-kyo Valley in Upper Taishaku.

Although very narrow in places the route is smooth, well maintained and easy to walk. In fact, the toughest part of accessing these caves is the walk up the steps to the entrance. There are many well-lit, interesting rock formations in the caves which are given quirky names, most of which are translated into passable English. The out and back route takes 10-15 minutes to cover and the entrance fee is very reasonable. Popping into Hakuun-do is highly recommended on a trip to Taishaku-kyo.

Opening hours 09:00-17:00 March-December
Mid-December to end of February (although sometimes open on weekends and holiday)
Early-March to mid-July closed in Thursday

Adults ¥250
High School ¥200
Elementary & Junior High School ¥150
Pre-school free


hakuuundo limestone caves taishaku hiroshima 白雲洞 帝釈峡 広島

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