Hiroshima Carp Victory Parade

Today, Hiroshima Carp fans had the chance to fete their heroes at a victory parade for the first time in 41 years and an estimated 310,000 took to the streets to do just that..

Thousands, dressed in red, lined the route and packed Mazda Stadium under clear blue autumn skies this morning. Here’s how the celebration looked through the eyes (phones) of the fans.

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Fans lined Peace Boulevard

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and packed Mazda Stadium


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The Carp took over local TV schedules


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Championship tram

Local pride extended to warning signs in local Hiroshima-ben dialect

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Some had ringside seats

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or a birdseye view

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Others, try as they might

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had trouble seeing much.

Though, if you were there before 7am you could grab shots like this!

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And maybe wished they’d stayed how and watched it in TV.

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The love was, however, clear (and audible)

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Into the stadium

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Sayonara and arigato Kuroda

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A lucky few fans caught a nice souvenir signed by the man himself

Some wondered whether the team’s collapse in the Japan Series after a strong start would dampen the atmosphere, but there can be no doubt that there was nothing but pride and appreciation on display in Hiroshima today.

Thank you for a great year!

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