GH junior: Senda park

I like this park because I can throw the baseball, play soccer, run around in the field or do stomp rocket, skate, go down the roller slide, on the swings, and I like training so sometimes I can climb and run too.

I like going on the big path all the way around on my roller skates. And I like doing my skateboard.

And I like to go around on the maze, if you go in from the stairs, you go up and down up and down and then you go down the little roller slide,  through the little house, climb through the triangle, then go across the bridge and then onto the rope path up the hill to the big roller slide.

When I need a break, we sit under the trees and have a picnic. I like the *inari zushi or *kappa zushi, juice, mikan oranges, the chocolate bread and chips from the supermarket next to the park. For a treat, I go to the ice-cream stand at the side of the park and get an ice-cream.

Sometimes it gets busy, but it’s a big park so it’s okay.

by MangoZaru age 6

* inari-zushi= fried, sweet tofu around rice balls  * kappa zushi= cucumber sushi rolls


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