Grand Inoko Matsuri

A community-organized festival, the Grand Inoko Matsuri is a modern interpretation of a medieval rite to safeguard health and prosperity, melded with contemporary music, dance and performance art which also take their inspiration from traditional art forms.

The focus of event is the raising of a huge rock, which, once aloft, is supported by a ring of 88 bamboo trees transplanted in Fukuromachi Park. After dark, the ring is the stage for a variety of performances and viewers vie for a chance to ride the rock. The event was revived in 2013 after a 17 year hiatus. Below are some photos and video from 2013 and 2014. See details about the 2017 festival here.

Grand Inoko Matsuri

City center festival which melds tradition with art in Fukuromachi Park – centered on a 1.5 ton rock suspended by ropes attached to 88 bamboo trees. The festival was resurrected in 2013 after a 17 year hiatus.

The schedule below is based on that of the 2017 event. Please check back for updates.

Saturday, November 3

  • Food stalls open
  • Kids Inoko parade along Hondori and Kinzagai arcades (starting from Fukuromachi Park
  • 15:00 Raising the great rock (family version)
  • 19:00 Grand Inoko Festival Contemporary Art Performance
  • 20:10 Close

Sunday, November 4

  • Food stalls open
  • 13:00 Raising the great rock (community version)
  • 15:15 O-neri drum performance
  • 18:30 Grand Inoko Festival Performances
  • 18:30 Mochi-maki passing out rice cakes and treats
  • 20:00 Crememonial cutting of the 88 ropes
  • 20:10 Close


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