First Matsutake gourmet mushrooms of the season hit Hiroshima market

MatsutakeThe year’s first locally grown matsutake – the gourmet mushroom that Japan goes nuts about every Autumn – of the season arrived at Hiroshima central market yesterday.

The 6 (yes, a whole six) Matsutake Pine Mushrooms ranging between 20g and 70g each came in from Shobara about a week earlier than the average year. At auction the little basket went for ¥17,670 – a rate of ¥93,000 per kilogram.

The rainfall in late August and early September followed by a drop in overnight temperatures is said to have encourage early growth and farmers and local buyers are hoping for a good season after a disappointing on last year. The season is expected to continue though to the middle of November.

Have you ever tried Matsutake? Do think it’s worth all the fuss?

Source and photo: Chugoku Shinbun [ja]

Paul Walsh

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